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Which way is the world turning?

2009 Aug

- Michael Skeeter Pilarski

On August 15th I hosted a talk by permaculturist Robyn Francis in my home town of Tonasket. She gave a great presentation on some of the sustainability initiatives in her town of Nimbin in New South Wales, Australia.

She also gave a photo tour of her two visits to Cuba in 2008 and 2009. Some points of the Cuba presentation included: The US Embargo has always been hard on Cubans but they persisted with the help of the USSR trade block. When the USSR fell apart in 1990, Cubans entered a very difficult period, which they term the “Special Period” During the Special Period the country had a crash course in gardening and low-tech agriculture and came out of the period still intact and are now the only country in the world which has achieved high rates of literacy and an exemplary medical system with health care for all; and at the same time they are living within their ecological footprint. The two hurricanes which hit Cuba in 2008 really set them back again.

The Cubans do not own many things. Here in the United States we would call it an incredibly deep economic depression if we had to live with so few things. The presentation really made me realize how well off most of us in the Pacific Northwest are in material goods. It was also sobering to see how fast things can fall part if a super-power falls. And what some of the consequences could be.

My past readers will know that I have been researching world economic news, trends, analysis and prophecies for some time. If you read beyond the US mainstream press, it is obvious that a lot of people around the world are openly discussing what the next international currency is going to be. A lot of them are powerfully-placed people. The exact timing, rate of fall and events are still in the making, but the handwriting is on the wall. At some point the US is going to go through its “special period” and material goods will be much harder to obtain. We are in a period of grace. We should make good use of this period of grace. Now is still a good time to work on reducing your consumption, upping your food production, and making more local friends. What is your Plan B?

Two of my favorite sites for economic news and analysis are:

LEAP 2020

Dmitry Orlov

David Spangler's Desk, Current Issue #27 – Call To Action: Fear and Loathing in the World. Alert from David Spangler. David is feeling a lot of manipulation in the subtle realms at this time and gives an exercise for us to contribute to love and peace and to counteract the fear and anger being promulgated in the world. Something positive to do rather then feeling helpless.

Fear is one of the most potent weapons being used to hold humanity back from reaching a higher state of consciousness. The corporate mass media is a propaganda tool to instill fear and anger. I pay attention to what the media is promoting to the public, but treat it mainly as propaganda. These days there is a lot of fear hype about the swine flu. The recent strain of swine flu is almost certainly man-made. There is also a lot of talk on the web about a plot to give mass flu vaccinations in the US and other parts of the world which will actually be contaminated with the intent to kill and injure many people. Mass vaccinations by the government/pharmaceutical complex should certainly be treated with suspicion.

A lot of sources say that humanity is in the process of raising its consciousness. But the lower consciousness folks are doing everything they can to stay in power. It is my belief that the old power structure is about to give way to something much better. A world that is more ecological, more equitable, more loving. The old power structure likes to portray itself as very powerful. They want people to be fearful and hopeless. It is my hope that their power is an illusion that is about to be swept aside. Now is a good time to be working on localization initiatives. Laying the groundwork for more localized and democratic societies. The signs of it are everywhere. More people are talking about it. The smell of change is in the air. Trust your intuition, follow your heart, let love be your guiding force.

As Charlie Murphy sang years ago in his band “Rumors of the Big Wave",

“Light is returning.
Even though this is the darkest hour.
No one can hold back the dawn.”

- Michael Skeeter Pilarski, Friends of the Trees Society

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