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We have been screwed!

2009 Mar 09

We have been screwed and here is the reason why.

Imagine we are all sitting around a table all drinking water from the same bowl with drinking straws. We can all see when someone is drinking a bit more vigorously than everyone else.

Imagine that the water supply is as big as the ocean. Now it is much more difficult to detect when someone comes along with a whopping 200hp pump sucking water at 1000 gallons per minute.

This is our monetary system today.

The money supply is like a big ocean of dollar bills and all it takes to screw it up is for a few unscrupulous characters to come along and take more than their share, screwing the rest of us.

And who are they? They are the banks, financial institutions, investment funds and large corporations. They can suck up large sums of money faster than you can blink.

Take a look at Wal-Mart. You think you're getting a good bargain shopping there? Remember that the only reason any company is in business is to take your money off your hands. Say an item regularly sells for $3.99 but is now on sale at two for $5.99. What a bargain! So you buy two when you only needed one. Well the store just got an extra $2.00 off of you. The store doesn't care how much you buy but how much you spend.

The same goes for Costco. Rather than paying 99 cents for one can of beans, you end up giving up $7.99 for twelve. Their game is to take as much money from you as possible. Their cost base is virtually the same whether you take home one can or twelve cans.

Well, you say this is just savvy business practice. It is so long as it is practiced on a small local scale. But when it becomes a huge multinational conglomerate, hold on for a minute. This is where the greed and corruption takes hold. The focus shifts from supplying consumers with arguably useful goods and services to one of monopolizing or dominating a market for the sole purpose of making huge profits.

And this is what the banks and large corporations have set out to do. They usurp every dollar they can find from every corner of the globe with the explicit purpose of filling their own coffers.

Where does all this money come from? That's the easy part. Money is credit and debt created by banks issuing loans. Banks hand out loans as they please. The hard part is finding the money to pay for interests, profits and hoarding. In order to keep everybody in the game happy you have to keep growing the economy and hand out more loans. This is the pyramid scheme. And this is clearly not sustainable. And that is why the bubble grows and bursts every four or five years.

When the money pool grows into trillions of dollars what's the point of counting? Who is keeping tabs any longer anyway? It is every unscrupulous man for himself. The person with the biggest straw, suction pump, or shop-vac wins.

And who loses? It is the little guy on the street. When the little guy is down and out he has to make do with one can of 99 cents beans for supper. Have you checked what those bankers that defaulted are having for supper? Well it is not beans, that's for sure.

That is why we are all screwed!

But wait!

There is a way out of this mess

and that is by creating our own local money.

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