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Resource Liquidation

2011 July 31

While spending some days in beautiful Algonquin back country, one cannot help but reflect upon what it means to exploit the earth's natural resources. Whether it is forestry, minerals, fresh water or oil, resource extraction means resource liquidation. In every case, it becomes a battle between creating jobs and generating revenue versus leaving the planet untouched. Companies are only eager to move in to make a profit with total disregard for everything else.

What this all comes down to is this is conversion of the natural world to capital, that is, resource liquidation. We convert the natural resource, and in most cases, non-renewable resource, into cash which is a human creation. Cash gives the bearer an entitlement to future human labor. Resource liquidation means putting future generations into indentured labor. Resource liquidation means entrenching our society deeper into a global state of feudalism, oligarchy and slavery.


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