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When Money is Plentiful

2009 Nov 26

In the beginning there was no money.

There were hunters and gatherers. Some men were hunters, others were gatherers, but rarely both at the same time. So they traded, but only what they needed. When the hunt and harvest was good, many were idle. They sat in the cool under a big shade tree and smoked. Then one day during such an encounter, Man said, "Let us invent money".

So Man invented money and used it to trade with the hunters and gatherers. Thus trade flourished and more men became hunters and gatherers and smokers. And Man said, "It is good". So Man said, "Let us make more money". And Man made more money.

And money became plentiful.

And trade flourished and expanded and people got working. And Man built machines and cars, trains, boats and planes and fabulous cities. And Man moved by droves into the cities and there were fewer left to do the hunting and gathering and more people were made idle and so they smoked.

And Man scoured the land looking for oil and energy, and scorched the land and cut down the trees and cleared the land to grow bio-fuel and paved the land for roads and highways and cleared the farmland for more cities.

And Man polluted the land, the water and the air.

And Man congratulated himself for his cleverness and cleared the land some more and built amusement parks with gigantic Ferris wheels and roller coasters and Man partied hard and sang and danced and drank and smoked and had sex and smoked some more.

Then one day, Man awoke and discovered the reality and said, "Holy mackerel, we have eaten all the fish in the ocean. We didn't know we could do that, and we killed all the bison and the dodo bird, and where did all the bees go? And the land that depended on the bison's dung has now turned to desert".

And Man was left alone, with a huge pile of money. And he looked across the desert and sat down on the arid land for that was all that remained, and took his money and smoked it. And Man inhaled deeply and said, "This is good" and he passed away along with his illusion.

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