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The New World Order

2009 Jan 01

After the Very Great Depression what do we see emerging post 2015? What does the magical crystal ball reveal about how all of this is going to play out? We can only hope that the New World Order will be headed in new directions toward sustainability.

We must understand that no one has a magical crystal ball or that uncanny ability to predict the future. Neither Nostradamus nor Gerald Celente has a monopoly on making lucky or educated guesses. Hindsight can be a very bad thing. Think about it. A hundred people can each make ten different predictions. Ninety nine of them can be wrong and will be forgotten or not even make the radar screen. We only remember the one guy who coincidentally got them all right.

What does the future hold?

We will witness a monumental collapse of the U.S. dollar, the stock market, economy, international trade and the global financial system. Public, corporate and private pension funds built up on the financial bubble will be worthless.

Massive unemployment and decline in consumption and economic activity will lead to civil disturbances and food riots around the globe. The U.S. will have to withdraw its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan in order to deal with insecurity at home.

Civil unrest at home and abroad, lack of health care and social infrastructure, pandemics, starvation, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes and other natural disasters will lead to a reduction in world population.

The collapse and reform of the monetary system is inevitable and long overdue. Banks are no longer allowed to lend money at interest. Only governments can create money. Governments no longer borrow money from private banks at interest. Governments and their nationalized banks control the money supply.

Unemployment will require the introduction of a shorter work week and more job sharing.

Diminishing fossil fuel reserves are conserved to help bridge the gap towards 100% energy from renewable sources.

Ecovillages and Transition Town movements will have demonstrated and set the examples toward sustainability. They will have had the foresight and time to build resilient communities, promoting frugal lifestyles with less dependence on fossil fuels. Society will move toward smaller localized interdependent communities and away from the globalization of failed economies. Smaller countries such as Cuba will be the shining examples of living after peak oil.


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