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I owe, I owe, It's off to work I go!


We may smile at the thought beneath that rhyme.

Instead we should be crying when we realize how close to the truth it really is.

There is a vanishing middle class in a world where money becomes the determining factor. The gap is widening between the haves and the have-nots.

Money created out of thin air by the bankers becomes debt obligation on the backs of the working class.

The elite who control the money supply and the world's financial wealth are the privileged few who never have to toil for a living. The money they create brings them an entitlement to the fruits of labour of the workers.

You and I have to work to the benefit of the rich and this is nothing but modern day slavery.

We, the working class go to work to make someone else rich.

The whole purpose of our whole educational system is to prepare us for work to enrich the elite.

Think about it.



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