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GROW is a four-letter word and a dirty one at that.

Businesses and corporations want to grow. Banks grow the money supply. The economy must grow otherwise we have a recession.

But for me, the word GROW brings the following to mind.

G stands for GREED. We want more. It seems that we are never satisfied with what we have.

R reminds me of RESOURCE DEPLETION. Our growth economy is continuously depleting the earth's natural resources. What do we do when it is all gone?

O obviously stands for OIL. Over the past 200 years the industrial revolution surged ahead with our usage of fossil fuel that took 500 million years of ancient sunshine to accumulate on the surface of the earth. We have now used up more than half of the known oil reserves.

O also brings to mind OLIGARCHY. Our current economic system of money created by debt places control of the global means of production into the hands of a tiny section of society. We have become slaves to a modern power structure, the corporation.

W has to be the WANTON WASTEFULNESS of our current consumer-based economy. Government, banks and corporations want and need us to consume. This is the only way to keep the economy growing. Meanwhile, along with the resource depletion, we are generating harmful waste faster than the earth can handle, breakdown and reabsorb. We are destroying the very home on which all life depends.

When the human body has reached a mature stage, further growth is either obesity or cancer.





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