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Global Reset

2008 Dec 27

The coming Very Great Depression, predicted for 2009 - 2012, will be one of the two best things to occur that will help save humanity from self destruction. For the past two hundred years, civilization has been on a path of destruction following the Industrial Revolution, the discovery of cheap abundant oil, and global economic expansion based on the growth of the money supply and worldwide consumerism.

Are humans smarter than yeast? The bursting of the financial bubble was inevitable. A long overdue global reset will only help to save humanity. The Earth will take care of itself, thank you. This is nature's way of saying enough is enough. Humanity's footprint is the product of global population and consumption per capita. When we come up against the limits of the Earth's carrying capacity, one or both of these factors has to give.

Collapse of the global financial system, followed by worldwide depression, is going to knock the wind out of the economic and consumer growth machine. Claw back in spending for health care and social infrastructure along with polluted environments, social unrests, and struggles over depleting resources will lead to higher mortality rates and lower population growth rates. Perhaps, even a reset of the global financial system would be in order.

We should all celebrate this as a saving moment for civilization. Let us all witness and learn from this and come to realize that our economic and consumer based way of living needs a new operating manual.


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