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A Choice of Directions

2008 Oct 01

We can either choose the current direction we are headed by conducting business as usual or we can choose a direction that is universal and sustainable.

Our modern society is not guided by the right principles.The right principle is not about the economy. It is not about jobs. It is not about building more cars. It is not about manufacturing and consuming more stuff.

A lot of people have difficulty wrapping their heads around this reality.

The survival of civilization will depend on our ability to help each other. There is no other option. We either accept, adopt and practice this fundamental guiding principle or we all perish.

World population has exceeded the earth's carrying capacity. Two things must happen in order to have a sustainable society - a reduction in population and a reduction in consumption.

When we understand that the new world order will be made sustainable not by economics but by fulfilling humanitarian needs, we will finally see the light.

The choice is ours to make.


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